BTC on track for $100K

Industry experts see Tuesday’s crypto market plunge as a “false dip” while reiterating the $100,000 Bitcoin (BTC) price for the end of the year.

Day 1: El Salvador Buys the Dip.

Many eyes, territories and regulators will be watching this "economic experiment" over the next few weeks and months, as we see a small country decouple itself from the DEBT of a teetering financial system.

WIPO weighs in on brand protection for Blockchain Pioneers

Groundbreaking precedence set in the Crypto industry as WIPO rules in favour of the protection of GSB, its products, services and brand, all surrounding and making up the ecosystem surrounding G999.

BTC price Re-tests $50K

September turns out to be anything but boring for Bitcoin as shorts lose big on a fresh move above the $50,000 mark. Data from Cointelegraph Markets...

ETH Tops $3.5K After Record Daily Coin Burn

Ether Burns and sets a Bull Run in motion

Dreading September? Stock to Flow Model shares some good news…

Despite BTC’s lackluster performance in September historically, 2021 could be an outlier to this trend if current market momentum persists... September is historically Bitcoin's worst-performing...

JPMorgan Says Cryptocurrency Markets Are ‘Looking Frothy’

JPMorgan published a note Wednesday on the stock market and cryptocurrencies. It explains that retail investors bought stocks at a record pace over the...

The total market cap of public crypto stocks has 4X since January

The combined capitalization of publicly-traded crypto stocks surged from roughly $25 billion in January to around $100B today. The combined market cap of publicly-listed crypto...

G999: Trading a Deflationary Pair

In this Podcast we take a look at the mechanics, and the timing for trading a unique deflationary coin, at a unique time of the trading calender, as well as unique time in the expansion of these coin's ecosytem.